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    WHY US?

  • Rock Music School has been founded by rock music enthusiasts for many years inextricably linked with the music and education industry.
  • The main purpose of Rock Music School is to inspire students of all ages by rock music.
  • The teaching program is individual for each student. At the very first meeting in Rock Music School student is "interrogated" in order to determine the keys to success, such as favorite styles and artists, previous musical experience, as well as the expectations from teacher.
  • Teachers for whom rock music is more than just a job.
  • Concerts and live performances organized by the Rock Music School (stage movement, clothing, contact with the audience, the "show" on stage)
  • Cooperation with leaders of Lublin music scene.
  • Contacts in the music industry, helping to set up a rock band - we support development of rock bands.
  • Our school is close to Shopping Mall Felicity (500 meters), Gallery Lublin, Carrefour (500 meters), Makro (700 meters), Obi (700 meters), or to Mc Donald's (700 meters)

  • Individual classes appropriate to the student's skills and preferences - electric and acoustic guitar, piano, drums, vocals, saxophone, rock band and many others
  • Academy of Entertainment - classical guitar, electric keyboards, vocals and more
  • group activities
  • Rock Band - classes with the entire band
  • "Studio" - classes of sound recordings
  • Hardrock educated teachers - musicians of Lublin music scene
  • Periodically organized concerts and performances by students
  • Cool and unforgettable adventure with rock music
  • ROCK MUSIC SCHOOL certificate at every level of education
  • Advice on choosing an instrument and purchase with attractive prices - we sell musical instruments

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