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Rock Music School - rock play

Haven’t you ever wanted to be a Rock Star? A great guitarist? An impressive drummer? To amaze your voice? To appear on the big stages? Rock Music School will help you to realize your dreams.

What we learn? Rock Music School teaches how to play and how not to play, how to inspire and how to be inspired. How to pay attention on details and how not to be distracted. How to enjoy the music and discover your musical passions!

Rock Music School is a new challenge, a great adventure and fun. Rock Music School is a musical journey into the world of rock music, no matter how you are old or what you can do - we will make you feel like a Star.


CONCERT - DAYS OF EUROPEAN FUNDS Soon 9-th of May 2015 our students and teachers will face another battle task ! At the Open Days of European Funds Rock School will play on the big stage at Castle Square. You will be able to hear the well known standards of rock music. During the event organized by the Marshal Office we invite the whole families: children, youth and adults for musical workshops. kurs dj

WINTER HOLIDAYS WITH ROCK Lublin 2015 winter holidays for children, youth and adults. Welcome to the amazing music workshops in ROCK MUSIC SCHOOL , which will take place during the winter holidays (2-15-th February 2015). We have planned 9 hours of workshops spread over 3 days. Classes will be held in groups tailored to the skill level of the participants. Workshop hosted by Marcin Gałkowski – an electric guitar, Michael Wasik- a bass guitar, Daniel Rutkowski - drums and Michael Denis - vocal .
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Rock Music School at the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (WOŚP). Especially for you, we will play on Sunday 11-th of January 2015 in the Gallery Olimp. The performances of our students will be held at the colorful and loud stage of the Lublin Television at 19:50 . We’ll be guests of the " Space Sound " – TVP3 program. Just come to hear us. nauka gry perkusji Lublin

Neighborhood meeting In Tesco. This Saturday 29-th of November 2014 from 12:00 to 18:00 Rock Music School invites you to Tesco for neighborhood meetings as a part of the action "Know your neighbor " . We expect many attractions and performances. We invite children and adults, everyone will have a chance to play on the insrtrument

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RMS in Radio Centrum Saturday 9:00 PM in T'n'T broadcast Tom Korpanty & Tom Chachaj. We'll talk about our school, rock music and listen to good rock music. We invite you.

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RMS in an interview with Martin Szostek in Radio Swidnik. Wednesday (17.09.2014), at 20:00, Relation of talks about our school on Radio Swidnik website.

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On Tuesday, School of Rock will visit Radio eR. Grzegorz Głuch program "Around the South" starts around 12:00, we will talk on topics of rock bands and our school.

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We invite you to the Education Fair of extra classes and school activities, and activities. Ollimp Shopping Mall 13-14 September 2014 (Saturday-Sunday) at 10-20 – look for Rock Music stand.

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Creative in school and after school. Workshops, demonstrations, games and fun for kids and adults. Felicity Education Fair in Felicity Shopping Mall 13-14 September 2014 (Saturday-Sunday) at 12-20 - look for Rock Music stand.

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Rock Music School in Radio Freee. Jan Pasterski broadcast "Lublin Cię Kręci!" starts at 22:00 on Wednesday 10th of September 2014! Enjoy the programme!

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Rock Music School as a jury of IX Rock Alert Festiwal. Of the 37 contractors we have selected 8 groups that have gone to the finals. Good luck in further struggle!.Thanks for the invitation for LOK Lubartów.

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The great success of teachers of Rock Music School that play in the Lublin rock band DELUXE. They won the main prize at the National Festival of Blues "Blues Kraśnik Metting" Congratulations!!!

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Rock Music School on the Education Fair!
SCIENCE AND FUN extra activities in Shopping Mall Plaza, 5-7 September.

We invite you to visit our stand Come and see what we offer and listen to the performance of our teachers (Friday - around 18:00) !!! zajęcia pozalekcyjne

In August Rock Music School starts collecting students for individual and group classes at 2014/2015

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