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    nauczyciel gitary

    Marcin Gałkowski

    Experienced guitarist, deals with professional rock and heavy metal for 15 years, from 2004 to 2007 jazz and stage music, 2010-2013 - art education in the field of popular music, worked with many bands including the polish hard rock group HETMAN (read more wikipedia) "Deja Vu", a few songs on the album "You". Currently teaches young students to play guitar in ROCK MUSIC SCHOOL.

    nauka gry na gitarze elektrycznej

    Marcin Dąbski

    A graduate of the Karol Szymanowski Music Academy in speciality of Jazz and Music and specializing in jazz guitar. He won a second place in the "Mistrzowski Konkurs Gitarzystów Jazzowych Guitar City" 2001. The guitar He is a guitar lecturer at the Maria Curie-Sklodowska University for 12 years. He also works as a music instructor in Opole Cultural Centre .The owner of Artistic Agency collecting artists and musicians from the province of Lublin


    nauka gry na perkusji

    Daniel Rutkowski

    Drums instructor, a graduate of Jazz and Popular Music at Maria Curie Skłodowska University. He has cooperated in many music projects, playing in counless rock bands as well as jazz, entertainment or hip-hop teams.. More recently, also sits on the drum kit in Helicopter Brass Orchestra. He’s got a great knowledge to present to drums students of all ages and every level of sophistication.


    nauka śpiewu

    Beata Ryczek

    Beata Ryczek - Vocal teacher. She attended to Popular Music School in Lublin, where she has developed vocal techniques. She has also studied popular music (with vocals speciality) in University of Highlands and Islands in Scotland, where she has extended her knowledge, performance skills and broadened musical horizons. She took part in singing contests and succeeded in many of them. She also cooperated with a few music bands. Apart from a good atmosphere during the classes she gives, she emphasises on a right, suitable repertoire's choice, that is similar to student's music taste. One of the most important things in vocal training is learning how to use the voice effortlessly but effectively and at the same time keeping a unique voice timbre, which everybody has.

    Bass guitar - Keyboards/piano

    nauka gry na gitarze basowej

    Michał Wąsik

    Michael Wasik, bass player, bass teacher, a graduate of Tadeusza Szeligowskiego Music School. Laureate of numerous music competitions e.g: EIM (W.Pawlik, C.Konrad, P.Panta) with a team Double Decker and A-Steroid. Presently a lecturer at Maria Curie-Skłodowska University - Department of Jazz and Popular Music. 1st prize for the best bassist STAS (M. Jurecki). He has cooperated with e.g: punk band KSU, Marcin Rozycki, Jola Sip, rock band Pawkin, Martita, Klucze, M & M Orchestra (P.Cugowski, K.Cugowski, A.Gadowski), Briaian Fretness , Dave Daniel (vocals Steve Wonder) and Tula Lynch.

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