Acoustic guitar

“Acoustic rock tricks” – on these classes you will learn smooth side of rock, base of rock music notation, finger style techniques and climatic sound of steel strings. Acoustic guitar is not only a rock ballad, it is also fast and rhythmic playing and teamwork.

This unique offer focuses on exploring the delicate side of rock music, guiding you through the fundamental aspects of rock music notation. Not only will you gain fingerstyle technique skills, but you’ll also master the atmospheric sound of steel strings, characteristic of this genre.

Our lessons don’t just limit themselves to rock ballads – you’ll also learn fast and rhythmic riffs that will add dynamism to your playing. Collaborative band play will develop your musical skills, allowing you to explore different styles and techniques in the context of working with other musicians.

Trust the experience and expertise of ROCK MUSIC SCHOOL, where learning to play acoustic guitar becomes an unforgettable journey through the sounds of rock music. Join us today!

Marcin Całkowski

Electric guitar, acoustic guitar.

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