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Electric guitar

“Riffs Rowing” electric guitar classes where you will learn all the ins and outs of rock, you might also express your personality playing guitar solos, and will express your character through the hard rock guitar riffs.

Beginners start from the basic chords and guitar riffs. During classes teachers introduce specific songs, in which student exercises previously learnt elements. When skills improve instructors introduce more advanced elements: finger exercises and guitar techniques. Thanks to them students can play melodies and solos of his favorite artists. After several weeks, students are ready for first appearances and participation in concerts. Intermediate and advanced students, are prepared to work in a team. They learn harmony, musicianship and how to perform rock songs stylistically. Students are preparing to learning, prepar to perform tracks of the biggest stars on the world stage in the history of rock: LED Zeppelin, AC / DC, Van Halen, Queen, and many others.

Marcin Całkowski

Electric guitar, acoustic guitar.

Jakub Matuszak

Electric guitar

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